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Perfect setup for your events

Cortina Garden is the perfect setup for your events, a vast property in a natural décor that offers both elegance and privacy – either for milestones of your personal life, or for corporate, high level reunions.

The name of the property has a double entendre. The first meaning is obvious – it invites you to an unforgettable performance. The second meaning talks about the curtain of green that surrounds the entire domain, a boisterous mélange of trees, plants, shrubbery and flowers, carefully selected by the Architect and landscape artist Virgil Isacescu.


Our Story

Though in the heart of the nature, the place is still close both to the city, and the airport.
The buildings of the domain are right on the side of the lake, offering a splendid view for the guests.
Each hall has  a separate entrance, yet all the rooms communicate with each other, so you can choose the combination that suits your needs.

The property offers also a variety of outdoor spaces, for seasonal events – from the outdoor pool to the barbeque area, terraces, outdoor dining area, a pontoon that looks like a theatre stage, right on the lake and just a few steps from the main building.

A spacious parking space accommodates guests that arrive by car, but we can also provide shuttle transportation.


Because our guests fall in love with the place, some of them prefer to spend the night right here on the property, so we can accommodate them in one of the five available double rooms.

The rooms are in a completely separate building, so while some guests need a well deserved rest, the others can continue the party in the main building, by the pool, by the lake or on the terraces.

Cortina Garden is also the ideal location for shootings  and already major TV productions used the property as setting.

The versatility of the space makes it ideal for both small gatherings, but also for large scale events.

For corporate clients, we can accommodate team buildings, conferences, seminars, themed parties, executive meetings, but also entertainment of various sorts – we can host shows or cooking classes, treasure hunts or escape rooms, interactive performances or pool extravaganzas.

For private clients, we can imagine the most memorable birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or baptism parties, using our personal event designer or the one you opt for.

The unique setting is suitable both for networking, but also for private, confidential discussions.

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Our Location

Address: 148 (previously 313) Soseaua Unirii, Corbeanca
Mobile: +40 740.300.264 | +40 756.166.167
Office Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
Distance from Airport – 6.7 km